Team Info

We are a group of Vermont Etsy sellers who work together to promote our team and individual shops.

Membership Requirements:
1) Respond to monthly check-in email.
2) Maintain 100% positive feedback rating in your shop.
3) Participate monthly in at least 1 of the following activities:
    Participate in our Giveaway's Promotion.
    Participate in our Friday Finds Promotion.
    Participate in our Featured Shop Promotion.
    Make a Treasury showcasing only MIVEST members' items.
    Twitter about members' shop items, giveaways, features, etc.
    Write about team or members on your Facebook page
    Blog about our team, or a team member, on personal blog.

To Join:
Sign up on our Yahoo! Groups Page.
In membership request please include the following information:
First name and link to your Etsy Shop.
Also, please make sure your yahoo groups email setting is either on "Individual Email" or "Daily Digest", not "No Mail."