Saturday, October 25, 2008

Featured Shop - May Day Studio

May Day Studio is a wonderful shop by fellow MIVEST member, Kelly of Montpelier. May Day Studio has been on Etsy since October of 2006. I chose to feature Kelly's store because next to great fiber, I love great books. Since Kelly binds journals that she creates, it seemed a perfect store to feature.

This is a wonderful gingham found fabric journal that is made with vintage fabric and 100% recycled paper. The journal is approximately 5" x 6.5" x 1", and holds 72 nice eggshell white pages.

This is one of her letterpress note cards. Calling birds is a beautiful set of 5 note cards that will delight everyone and want you to start writing notes by snail mail again! I love the color. Each card is printed one at a time by Kelly at her studio.

Her pretty peeps Chicago Travel Journal will make you want to take a trip just to jot down your thoughts while away. All her journals are 100% acid free.

When I asked Kelly what she would like me to mention about her store, she replied, "I'm particularly proud that the majority of my materials are 100% recycled, and sourced in New England. The BINGO Books are a good example--cards found at the ReStore in Montpelier (and were originally used in Waterbury), blank paper made in upstate New York, and decorative papers sourced from eco-conscious papermakers all over the world." A big congratulations for Kelly's efforts at creating beautiful items with what she's recycling.

To see more of Kelly's unique letterpress and book binding work, go to the Touch of Vermont Fair in Montpelier's City Hall on December 13th from 9 am to 4 pm. You can also keep up with what she's currently up to on her blog at

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