Friday, April 11, 2008


"So Freakishly Ugly...You Can't Help But Love Them"
This Cupcake Hat is for all those cupcake lovers out there. It is just one of the great items available from Fuglies and claims to be the best kind of cupcake to have because it is fun and they contain no calories. Each hat is custom made to order so you can pick your own colors. If you think this hat is cute you really must check out their Hostess Cupcake Hat.

The owner of Fuglies states in her store "My items are intended to be "ugly" and make a definite "fashion statement". These pieces are all handmade, and sturdy enough to wear. I enjoy finding inventive and unique ways to make them look one of a kind and adorably "ugly".
So, go ahead....Get ugly!"

Kerri, if you wouldn't mind doing a short write up about another artist from our group within a week that would great!

Linda W.
Spotted Cow Soaps


Sylvie said...

Thank you Linda W. for showing us "ugly" things :D they are cute indeed.


Jen said...

Awesome shop and write up! Thanks Linda for keeping this thing going!

Anonymous said...

Got to love it! Fun idea.

MyFairLadyVT4 said...

Ha, I love the name.

Corri Taylor said...

he he cute- i love cupcakes makes me want to eat one. i just started knitting cupcakes for play kitchens they will be in my shop soon!

Kerri said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful write up Linda!