Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Inspired Beadweaving by Ann Burke

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The first time I encountered Ann Burke’s beadwork, I though, “WOW! This is stunning.” I tend to be a romantic and one who likes renaissance art and opulent handwork so her work appealed to me immediately. You can’t help feeling like royalty wearing something of hers. And yet, the unusual and artistic nature of her work – all one-of-a-kind- renders it clearly hand-crafted, which in my mind makes it that much more appealing. There is a certain glee in knowing that I am the only person in the world wearing something like this.

Ann Burke of South Burlington loves to bead! Beadweaving with seed beads is her favorite and sometime she likes to add some gemstones to the mix as well. Every single item she makes is one-of-a-kind, which I think makes her work even more valuable.

I love her free-form designs and rich, elegant style. She fashions stunning beadwoven bracelets (my favorites) as well as several styles of gemstone and beaded necklaces, and sets.
Look at the detail in this work!

Ann has an excellent color sense as well. All her combinations are subtle, muted, and rich. Nothing garish here! Anyone wearing this jewelry couldn’t help but feel beautiful.

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She also has a Blog: where she loves to receive comments about her work.
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Oh wow, you sure made my day... Thanks so much.