Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How To Feature An Etsy Shop

How Featuring Etsy Shops On The MIVEST Blog Works
If your shop is the last one to be featured, it is your turn to feature a shop. Please try to do this within a couple weeks of when your shop was featured.

How To Become A Blog Author If You Aren't Already

Before you can write a post on the MIVEST blog, you have to be listed as an author of the blog. If you know you are not listed as an author, or you don't know if you are or not, in the MIVEST forum, write a Private Message to All About Cats (Linda) and ask her if you are listed as an author. Please include your email address in the message. If you are not listed as an author, Linda will start the process and you should receive an email that explains what to do next.

How To Select A Shop To Feature
On the sidebar of the blog is a list of shops that have been featured in the past. Try to pick a shop that hasn't been featured yet. Also on the sidebar is a link-list of active members, so you can browse through those, or you can browse through the Etsy Minis at the bottom of the blog, to pick out a shop you would like to feature.

Contact The Owner Of The Shop You Would Like To Feature
Contact the owner of the shop that you have selected to feature, and tell them that you would like to feature their shop on the MIVEST blog. Also, ask them if they would be willing to feature the next shop within a week or two. If you do not hear back from them within a few days, or they reply and say they can not feature a shop within a couple of weeks, please select another shop to feature.

How To Log Into The Blog To Write Your Post
When you log in to blogger, the MIVEST site should be listed as one of your blogs. Click on New Post, write your post, entitle the post, "Featured Shop: Name Of Shop," and click publish post.

If you have any questions, send a Private Message to All About Cats in the MIVEST Forum.

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