Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sneak Attack On Sock Monkey Greetings

Before last Friday Sock Monkey Greetings Etsy Shop, owned by Tamra, had a total of three sales. By the end of Friday afternoon the shop had 43 sales!

Impossible? Amazing? How could this have happened?
Well.... It was a "Sneak Attack" by fellow Etsy sellers and buyers. This is done to help new Etsy shops with very few sales. On the day of a scheduled "Attack" people meet in the Etsy forum in a thread called "Sneak Attack," and countdown to the time when the "Sneak Attack" is scheduled to happen. The only person who knows which shop is going to be "Attacked," is the sponsor of that "Attack." When it is time to pounce on the selected shop, people must go to The Handmade Movement Website to find out what shop has been selected. Then they all pounce on the shop and buy and buy and buy.

Friday was Tamra's 40th birthday, and she received 40 sales. What a birthday present! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAMRA :-)

If you would like to view the Etsy forum thread that led up to Tamra's 40 sales, you can find it here.

To find out when the next attack will be, visit The Handmade Movement Website and then get ready to pounce!

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