Sunday, September 26, 2010

Featured Etsy Shop: The Vermont Branch Company

The Vermont Branch Company offers handcrafted toys, rustic decor and wedding accessories from branches selectively harvested from their Vermont homestead and forests of nearby friends. All of the products are eco-friendly.

Anyone buying wedding items from this shop, will have their reception tables set with beautifully rustic, country-style, eco-friendly accessories.

Not having a wedding, but do have a special event coming up? Set your table with these beautiful, eco-friendly table settings.

In the image to the right is a Rustic Birch Branch Wedding Candle Centerpiece decorated with moss, a Birch Branch Stump Place Card Holder, and a Birch Bark Napkin Holder.

For those of you who want natural, eco-friendly toys for your children, this is the perfect shop to visit.

This pictures show a Birch Branch Building Pay Set. The set consists of 15 pieces which are sanded and left natural.  Each set comes in a hand crocheted, wool, drawstring bag with a branch tag.

To the right is an adorable Toddler Branch Stacker made of untreated ash branches. There are 12 stacking pieces to go on the 3 poles. One pole holds 5, one holds 4 and the other holds 3. This toy can help your child develop fine motor skills and aid in learning to count.

To the left are Birchmobiles. Each car has four wooden tires.  The colored cars are painted with a nontoxic, acrylic wash and completed with a natural beeswax finish.

Check out the Branch Block Lacing Set (not pictured here) which consists of 20 hand cut branches, a hand carved wooden "needle," and hemp/cotton for threading.

For crafty people:  There are Birch Branch Slices to paint, wood burn, or draw on, Spruce Cones to make wreaths with or to use in other craft projects, and more.

For beautiful decorations for your home, check out the Birch Branch Luminary and the Birch Branch Viola Hanger.

The Vermont Branch Company has many more handcrafted, eco-friendly items to select from. And if you can't get enough there, check out their Natural Earth Farm And Fiber Studio, and visit their Plain and Joyful Living Blog.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work...

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Thanks so much for this super write-up!

Queen of the Butterfly Ball said...

What beautiful and creative work, you can tell a lot of love and careful thought goes into all of the things they make.