Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Finds: Newest Members

Welcome to our newest members!

Lori from Copper Creations sells unique handcrafted metal jewelry.

Here is a pair of beautiful Slightly Off Center Copper Heart Earring which will catch the light as they dangle from your ears.

Kathy from khowardquilts designs her own fabric and has it custom printed in the USA.

This gorgeous Rose Wristlet Bag accented with hand embroidery is made from one of the fabrics Kathy has designed.

Wow! I'm impressed!

Leah from twobeans creates unique gifts for the home. She specializes in textile techniques using various types, and gauges, of metal.

Here is a Barnacle Plant Basket Trio made with filigree crocheted wire. The plants included are three different species of air plants which are easy to care for.


Here is a stunning Willow Bag Wooden Handle Handbag, Purse by Kimberly from DiNofrio Handbags.

This handbag is made with fresh, new funky fabrics, while the style is a throw-back from the 1940's and 50's.

Meredith from Monkey Junction makes play time items for children. These toys are replicas of ones that have been child tested, and approved, by Meredith's preschool students.

This little cutey is an Elephant Bean Bag filled with organic rice.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


khowardquilts said...

Thank you for including my wristlet bag in this collection.

Funky Dreams said...

Great selection. I think I'll take one of everything!

Sweet Avenue said...

What talented new members we have! :)