Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Finds 2/4: My Funky Valentine

Here are some fun and funky ways to treat yourself and your loved ones this Valentine's day!

This set of 8 funky magnets are attached to Valentine's cards that let your Valentine know they are "GR8" or that they make you :). There are 2 of each color: pink, blue, green, and red and all of them are neat-o! Perfect for giving out as treats to your child's friends...or child-at-heart friends!

By: Funky Dreams Studio

Be a hip cat and send your Valentines in these handmade cat envelopes. Meow!
Size of envelopes : Approx 3.25 in length x 3.25 in width
Quantity : 4 pcs
Size of seals : 1 in diameter
Quantity : 8 pcs

By: Upcycle Recycle Reuse

Show your cat some love with a fabulously-funky toy filled with organic catnip! This heart is made from pink, light teal and white fleece. It is stuffed with potent organic catnip, two bells encased in fleece, and fiberfill. It measures approximately 4" high and 3 3/4" wide at the widest point. Your purring pal is sure to be pleased!

By: All About Cats

Instead of flowers, give something lasting and just as beautiful: this Barnacle Plant Basket! Hand crocheted with surgical stainless steel and jewel tones of blue copper, this plant basket makes a unique and fabulous gift that will last forever!
measures approx. 3" ( 7.62 cm) wide X 3.5" (8.89 cm) tall.

By: Two Beans

Show your love with some gorgeous and snuggly handpainted yarn! There is 178 yards of beautiful wool to give as a gift to your favorite knitter, or to knit a gift for your favorite Valentine! This is Falkland wool handpainted with Greener Shades natural dyes, so not only is it beautiful but it is humane and natural too!

By: The Spun Monkey

Let someone know they are the Queen of Hearts with this unique handcrafted pendant! Approximately 1" x 3" in size, it hangs from a small gage ball chain which can be worn or hung on a wall as a reminder of who rules the castle! Comes in a sweet handsewn linen bag with tie strings, perfect for gifting!

By: Roots Of Glass


Linda said...

Great Friday Finds!

Upcycle, Recycle, Reuse said...

Thanks for including my Upcycled Cat Envelpoes.

the Roots of Glass said...

Thanks for adding my Queen necklace! Your wording is so fun! Many thanks!