Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Finds: Cabin Fever!

Well we are getting on in the winter months and as beautiful as it has been, those brown snow days have begun to appear. While great because they are a reminder of the Spring that's to come, people and pets are seeming to get a bit of that "Cabin Fever Crabbiness". Being that we are true pros at dealing with this in Vermont, I thought I would collect some of the handmade creations that can keep us busy in the coziness of our homes until they Spring finally arrives.

My first find is for an original knitting pattern by The Spun Monkey Fiber Shoppe

Nothing cozier than sitting under a blanket knitting. The Spun Monkey also offers beautiful handspun yarns and emails the pattern right to you!

Take advantage of the indoor time and write some letters. Turn off the cell phone and computer and correspond the old fashioned way. Old Gates Farm offers these great photo cards with lovely Vermont farm pics.

A set of 4 photo cards on recycled paper. Thanks to Old Gates Farm!

If anyone has an outdoor cat, you can definitely tell the winter is getting long. Kitties are getting stir crazy. Here's a treat from All About Cats to keep them busy.

Made from red and pink fleece and stuffed with potent organic catnip and 2 bells. Watching kitty get silly is an entertaining indoor activity also!

A must have for the Winter is these Fingerless Mitts by CozyNoggin
Keep those hands warm while having use of your fingers. This combination of colors is "rustic, cozy and woodsy".

Next I would suggest having neighbors and friends over for a Winter Potluck dinner and wearing a really fun and special necklace as the host. KristenVarian as created this one of a kind piece of jewelry.

Wow your guests with this Waterfall of Beads conversation piece!

and you should probably pair it with this fabulous ring by Sweet Avenue Jewelry.

Hope this helps get you through the winter! To see purchase these items or to see the artists shops clck on the photos for a direct link. Happy Friday!


Bear Stitches said...

Love your Friday Finds, they would certainly bring cheer to our cabin !

Florence and Louise
Bear Stitches

Cozy Noggin said...

Great Finds! Love that beaded necklace!

Linda said...

Great Friday Finds Post!! I posted it on my Facebook and twitter pages.
All About Cats Blog

Funky Dreams said...

Wonderful collection, and I love the theme! I have a little cabin fever going myself.

khowardquilts said...

Great Friday Finds!

Upcycle, Recycle, Reuse said...

Beautiful Friday Finds!