Monday, March 31, 2008

Green Mountain Wee Woolies

I just had the lovely honor of becoming "Green Mountain Wee Woolies" 1000th heart.  Yes, you read that right, she has 1000 hearts, not to mention almost 800 sales! (She has been a member of Etsy since '05.)  

As she states in her shop "We are a family based business... We offer baby knits, wool soakers and hand crafted Waldorf inspired toys." I just adore her farmer's market wool vegetables.  She has so many items!  They are all so colorful, joyful and they look so well made. They are very well photographed, up close and with interesting backgrounds. She has great prices and she ships everywhere for only $1!   I'm just so impressed.

My questions for her (if she doesn't mind answering):
•How do you keep up?
•How did you get to this point?  (Advertising, word of mouth?) 
•Are you making a living from your crafts?
•Any Etsy advice?
(you can answer by leaving a comment)

Oh and Valerie, if you could do a short write up about another artist from our group within a week that would keep this ball-a- rollin'.
Check out her awesome Etsy shop: Green Mountain Wee Woolies



Mannybeads said...

Thanks for such a great review Jen, and I thinks it's a great idea to promote each other in the way you described.
This shop is lovely.

Cynthia Emerlye said...

Thank you for introducing me to Green Mountain Wee Woolies. The little woolen creations are so sweet! I, too, am wondering about how she conducts her advertising and marketing and what she thinks it takes to be a successful crafter in Vermont.

Congratulations and good fortune!

Doreen said...

Wow..great shop!!!