Saturday, March 29, 2008

Made in Vermont Treasury

Hi everyone! This afternoon I made a treasury on Etsy featuring MIVEST items in hues of blue. Click here to see it:

Did you all know about the the "Poster Sketch" on Etsy?
Its a place where you can work out a treasury idea, that way, if you snag a treasury you already know what your title will be (since you have to pick that first). 

I spent quite a long time looking through everyone's shops for blue hued goods, lots of lovely work in VT! Also, all of these items are well photographed and close-up which make up a great treasury.

I think it would be a good idea for members of our group to make MIVEST treasuries often (is there a limit to how often?) featuring different VT goods. It would be cool if one made the front page!



Heather@Twin Birch said...

Jen! That looks awesome!! Thanks so much. How did you get on? I've been
trying for a day and a half and it's been full!! Thanks again! Heather

Heather@Twin Birch said...

Me again! I can't find the Treasury.
What's the title! I'm dying to see it on etsy. :)

Jennifer Kahn said...
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Jennifer Kahn said...

Hi Heather,

Its not too hard to get a treasury, you just need patience!
Throughout the day I just check to see what the number is. When it gets down to the 350s I'll click on expiration to see what the expiration times are and count backwards to 333. If that means there's an hour until enough treasuries expire to reach that number than I'll set an alarm so I don't forget. Then just keep that window open and a magic box will appear as soon as the number hits 332.

Hope that helps, there's also a long tutorial here:

Lost Hollow Creations said...

Great Treasury!

Doreen said...

The treasury looks great.