Friday, May 2, 2008


When I normally think of Fritters, I think -----Apple Fritters----- mmmm. but Chickpea studio's fritters are much more fun and not at all fattening. :)
Fritters are "Freaky Critters who are Generally WHACKY" according to Stacey Peterson, the owner, designer and creator of these fun friends.
What I love about her fritters is that they are original, colorful and don't fit into molds.
One of my favorites, Alexander, (or 'Alex', as he likes to be called), claims to be a fun loving guy and wants to come chill out in your home... who could resist!
Alex also likes to watch movies. ME TOO! :)Hey, Alex and I were meant to be..
Please visit Stacey's shop at
Stacey also has a website which is under construction at and a blogspot at

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SpottedCow said...

He's so cute...and anxiously awaiting a new home. Too bad I don't have any little kids to buy for.