Friday, May 9, 2008


Let's just start by saying WOW!

The first thing about JesseDanger's work that caught my eye was this amazing
Anax Imperator Machina. This dragonfly with movable wings is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and amazing enough to make me wish I had the metal smithing talent to create something so fabulous! Anyone who has tried metal working and jewelry making knows that this piece must have taken more patience than most people possess!

I wish I could articulate how much I am drawn to his work, but I really do feel that these pieces speak for themselves...and they're saying "Take me home!" At least that's what they're saying to me! :) But seriously, in as few words as possible...JesseDanger's work is clean and elegant, and the designs are appropriate for everyone, and everyday!

Aside from the quality of his work, I feel that it's very important to mention(and praise) his commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. All of his work is created using recycled Argentium silver, and comes packaged in recycled and sustainable materials. Not to mention the fact that 5% of all profits go to Earthworks, an organization that regulates fair trade mining.

His commitment to these practices is just one more reason to love Jessedanger's work!

Please stop by JesseDanger's shop and check out his amazing work for yourself. And, if you're interested in seeing a sneak preview of some works in progress, check out the blog!

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