Friday, May 23, 2008

honeybee challenge!

 In Greek and Egyptian mythology, the honey bee represents the wisdom of the Indian mythology, Krishna is often depicted as a blue bee.  Spirals represent continual change and evolution.....

My honeybee necklace is hand carved from beeswax, created by the bees my sister keeps here in beautiful Vermont. I then hand cast my carvings into Argentium sterling silver made completely from reclaimed sources.

This pendant was created to honor the bees,  who are currently in crisis, due to many factors, including exposure to pesticides that are currently banned in Europe....more than 25% of the western bee population has disappeared over the last 3 years.
We rely on bees to pollinate our food supply....when they are in danger, we are all in danger!

Thank you, Vermont Etsy Street Team for the invitation to join!
                                                        Kerin Rose


SpottedCow said...

Outstanding entry for the challenge. I like that you included the process to achieve the end result.

Colleen said...

Beautiful work!