Saturday, May 17, 2008

NewDuds and Hannapt

Vermont crafters Tessa and Torrey have all your needs covered! They have one shop for all your human needs,, and another, for all you cat's and dog's needs too!

I first found out about their hannapt shop and it's ridiculously fun cat toys. They make an eyeball out of old sweatshirts and felt and fill it with catnip, my cat was so thrilled about these that she proceeded to tear them from the package herself! The kickin' stick toy she terrorizes on a daily basis. They also make a cat toy in the shape of Vermont, incase you want to see your favorite feline attack our state Godzilla style.

With NewDuds Torrey and Tessa make clothing and household goods that are just as fun! whether it's an octopus army pillow, a catus plush or a shirt with crabs you'll find it here. you can really tell by all their work that they truly enjoy and love what they do, and that the have fun in the process! Make sure to check out all their flavors of funky and cool!


Anonymous said...

My cats would love those eye balls! Thanks Jesse for showing us the fun creations of Tessa and Torrey.


MyFairLadyVT4 said...

These are so cute. Love them all.