Sunday, December 28, 2008

Featured Shop: PaulaArt

Don’t have the time you need?

Running out of time?

Well, get the time…from PaulaArt’s shop on Etsy! Paula is an artist who works in mixed media with a passion for time pieces! A visit to her website at: proves that in just a moment or two. You will get lost in time as you peruse her 100 clocks installation.

Back at Etsy my favorite clock is her Vermont Bauble Clock – actually a series of clocks.

Paula says “The Vermont Bauble Clock is an open ended Edition of Clocks made from found objects begotten in Vermont. I am inspired by the lost, the tossed and the disused scrap found in every nook and cranny imaginable in this beautiful State.” Each clock helps make our little state a bit greener, I think!

But Paula offers more than clocks. Her Etsy shop has sections for her pen and ink prints as well as supplies for the budding artisan.

Paula left Arizona in 2003 in hopes of finding that right place for herself and her art. Her journey brought her to Minnesota and the Adirondacks but the Green Mountain state pulled her in at first sight.. From her website: “Thinking I would head south when the weather cooled, I headed to the Green Mountains and was smitten upon my very first hour in Vermont. It was MAGICAL and so intriguing. I felt at home even though I hadn't spent even a night here.”

Paula began creating her newest art pieces from found metal objects including railroad plates.

Paula has shown her work in a gallery presentation at the West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park in Stowe, Vermont.

Look for more of Paula’s work in her Etsy shop and online at her website.

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